16 Most Effective Ways (2017) To Learn English Easily and Fast

(updated in 2017) Knowing how to learn English easily and fast is important as English has grown to become the lingua franca of academia and business terrain.

That is why it is crucial for anyone aiming to operate in a multicultural setting to quickly develop the requisite skills necessary for passing information succinctly, debating skillfully and listening.

This is especially so for people who are learning English as a second language who may find English a complex and involving language.

Here are 16 easy ways to learn English:

Have A Plan


This is especially useful for those who are beginners in English.

Ask yourself, what is your motivation for learning English? Is it for pleasure or are equipping yourself for formal communication?
If you mean business, then it is paramount to have a course of action in place.

A plan guides you through the learning curve, spells out the deliverables and ultimately outlines the end goal.

Start with your purpose followed by a guideline. You can refer to our points here for the guideline and also other materials found in this website, English Fluento to populate the guideline.

Speak A Little English Every Day

The best way to become skilled at any new language is just to converse it.

It is not an issue if you only know few English words or if you’re fluent – no doubt speaking English with your fellows is the fastest, most successful method of improving. This is the supreme method for those who are wondering how to speak English easily.

If you live in an English-speaking country, you can put into practice by starting effortless conversations with the people you meet on daily basis.

The pro tip is to start small conversation with shopkeeper or asking from pedestrian for the directions such as where this road leads to etc.

Make Full Use of the Online English Dictionary

Beyond using the online dictionary to find out the meaning of words and phrases, you should strive to incorporate these new words into your speech and writing whenever possible to improve your English.

By using these words soon after you understood the meaning, you will likely be able to insert them into your writing or speech easily and naturally. This method will also help to improve your English vocabulary easily and fast.

To make full use of the dictionary, after you ascertain the meaning, look carefully in the usage examples that the dictionary typically provides. Try to come out with a new sentence by substituting the nouns in the example with those that are relevant to your work and daily life.

For instance, if you are checking on the meaning of the word “ascertain” and the usage example given is “the investigator had to ascertain the cause of the accident“.

Assuming you work in the sales department of your company, then you should replace the nouns with something that are more relevant like “I had to ascertain the cause for the decrease in the sales during the last quarter.

For every new word that you learnt, click on the audio file in the online dictionary to listen to the pronunciation and then repeat saying after that – this will also help you to know how to learn English speaking easily.

Practice Every Day

Practice makes a man perfect I hope so you are very well aware of this famous saying. You will need to practice a lot to learn English easily and quickly.

Try some different task on daily basis in English. Do not wait long for your study session for English because there may be a chance to forgot the previous lessons.

Try some different task which will enhance your learning capabilities and will keep you energetic without getting bored.

In addition, try to communicate with your friends some words which you learned.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes because this is the biggest obstacle for learning English. Remember this fear serves no purpose.

Check the next point for more.

Write Frequently, Preferably 30min a Day

This method is suitable for beginners of English.

Strive to write frequently as this is most direct and easy way to improve your English writing that not only includes improving English writing skills, finding out more common phrases and also grammar. Writing frequently to be familiar with sentence structure, English rules.

In addition, write about daily conversational topic and then practice reading out from your article – this can help you in your English conversational skills too.

Use a grammar checker on your written article (see next point)

Use Grammar Checker

A grammar checker gives you immediate analysis of your written English and provide you with instant feedback and correction in the comfort of your own home, which helps you to improve English grammar.

The recommended way of using grammar checker is Not to heavily rely on it.

Unless you are hard press for time or there is a tight deadline, you should write out your article based on your own knowledge of the English rules. Deactivate the grammar checker when you are writing.

Next is to analyze your own work first and check if you can identify any errors and make the correction yourself.

After you are confident that your work is free from mistakes, run through the grammar checker and take note in your journal (refer to the last point in this article) of the errors. Your English concepts will be reinforced and you will be able to learn English quickly at home.

Learn To Think In English

Far too many people who are just beginning to learn the English language find it hard to think in English. It is not uncommon for such people to unconsciously insert words of their mother language in English statements.

Thus, an easy way to learn English the first step to develop your English skill is training your mind to think in English firsthand.

Consciously remind yourself that you want your thoughts to be completely in English. If you have issues, think slower so that overtime, you will be accustomed to having your thoughts in this language.

Work Hard On Your Pronunciation

Consider pronunciation is the backbone for learning English easily and effectively. Pronunciation for sure helps you a lot to acquire English fast.

Clear and correct pronunciation is essential if you really want to improve your level of spoken English especially if you are learning English as a second language.

Listen with utmost attention that how native English speakers pronounce some certain and specific words and sounds and do your best effort to copy them in the same style they tried.

Develop Your Vocabulary And Use Idiomatic Phrases

Develop Vocabulary To Learn English Fast

English language learners can expand your vocabulary by reading newspaper and reading different niche articles. This will help you to understand that which vocabulary is in use and up to date.

Write down or save the new words in your journal (refer to last point on the journal) that you have learnt and have at least one example of how the word can be used in a sentence.

If you want to adopt the natural way then you will have to spend some time with native English speakers to learn idiomatic phrases and vocabulary from them to enhance your English speaking skills.

Check out here for a full article on how to improve your English vocabulary here.

Listen To English Radio

Using the ubiquitous radio to assist your language acquisition is definitely an easy English learning method.

Even with the transformation of the Internet as a main form of communication channel, the trusted radio still has its presence in the modern world. You can also listen to your favorite radio station via the smartphone app.

If you want to enhance your listening ability then this is one of the easy ways to achieve your desire objectives.

Just give 30 minutes daily to radio or podcast and see the magic. Specifically useful for English beginners, you can gather new words from listening radio shows which will no doubt help a lot to learn English and improve your listening ability and to compete in the communication market.

This is also an effective way to learn English easily at home.

Read Pieces Written By Graded Readers

Articles by graded readers are often written in a flowing and easy to follow style. The simplicity of the grammar and style used makes such books attractive especially to those who are just starting in English learning or those looking to improve the English skills.

Once you learn the basics, you can upgrade to English narratives with deeper and more complex themes.

Attend Discussion Groups


The most common and effective way is to attend discussion groups of native English speakers and listen them carefully and note down the way they speak some specific words with clear pronunciation.

Join different social media groups and start or take part in active topics and share your experience with people.

Facebook is considering one of the biggest social platforms there are many communities of English speakers where you can enroll yourself to learn your desired English language easily without getting bored.

Interact With Native English Speakers

While attending English classes and reading books matters, having real conversations differs a great deal to learning in classroom.

At the very least, you get a chance to learn about accent and spoken English conversation first hand, you will know how to use body language and pretty anything else that a natural speaker employees in conversations.

While it may not be necessarily to visit foreign to interact with natives, you can register for a live online course and chat with your instructors through mediums such as Skype and get to learn from native speakers and be more fluent in English speaking.

Download English Learning Apps


With smartphone apps becoming more integrated into our lives, it is hardly surprising that there are numerous apps relating to education. These include language learning – the technology has allowed acquiring a new language like English to be convenient and highly accessible.

Searching for “English Learning” app gives you numerous gives you many highly rated results.

The apps let you learn plentiful English related concepts like daily English conversation, English vocabulary and grammar. Hence the app let you have a way to learn English speaking easily and also to learn English grammar easily and many more.

Become An English Tutor

After you are more proficient in English, for a start, you can begin teaching others the basics of English and get a chance to perfect yours too.

An English tutor goes beyond helping learners to construct basic sentences and paragraphs. To a learner, a teacher is a source of information that can’t be easily accessed anywhere else. And the best tutor ensures they have the know how to help their learners succeed.

If a tutor is to be helpful, then they have to read widely, create networks with other professionals and even take extra classes.

Have A Journal

The key to developing your English beyond the basics lies in seizing the small learning opportunities that may arise in your day to day dealings.

Having a journal saves the trouble of forgetting important concepts that you have a come across in your undertakings.

Some of the items you can record in the journal includes key grammar rules which can help you to also learn English grammar easily, the pronunciations of commonly used words to aid in your spoken English and also useful websites that you have come across.

Bottom Line

Your mastery of the English language is largely dependent on your effort and the strategies you employ to overcome the challenges that every starter faces. The tips above can aid your progress towards excellence easily.

English is an up to the mark language to learn, whether it’s for travel, business or personal reasons. If you are learning any language then indeed it requires no doubt a lot of hard work, dedication and a willingness to make mistakes, keep in mind that nothing is difficult to a willing heart.

We hope that our most prominent ways in this article can assist English language learners significantly to learn and achieve fluency in your English learning journey.