7 Actionable Ways (2017) To Improve Your English Writing Skills

(updated in 2017) Learning how to improve English writing skills is not an easy task, especially if you are new to the English language.

Every single one of you reading this article probably has a dissimilar reason to why you want to improve their writing skills; it may be because you want to maximize your productivity at work or university, or even just to make everyday tasks a notch easier.

To improve English writing, there is a wide spectrum of different skills you need to master before you can become an excellent writer, and this includes spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Here at English Fluento, we have presented 7 actions you can take right now to improve your written English!

1) Practice, practice, practice!

If you truly want to improve your writing skills in English, then you must be willing to give up as much time as possible and put work in every single day. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! This statement is very true with writing.

Writing needs practice and the more you write, the better you will get at it.

Some of you may find typing on the computer more convenient than writing on a paper. Though computers are the writer’s best friend in this modern era, it would be better if you start with the good old pen and paper.

One of the techniques that many people find useful is to sit on a desk, with just a paper and a pen; write about anything you want! It could be about your day, a story, the news or even a topic that you are passionate about.

While writing, we tend to write slowly, thus giving our brain the time to accumulate thoughts and express them appropriately. If you compare your computer written copy with the hand written copy, you will find your hand written copy to be more comprehensive.

2) Edit Ruthlessly

How To Improve English WritingYou must write again and again until your piece of writing is perfect, because even professional writers do not get it faultless first time around.

Look back at your mistakes, and use them as a lesson. It should be a necessity to have multiple drafts, though this does not mean that you should spend weeks and weeks trying to write one page. There are many free online resources that enable you to understand the different grammar rules in English, both regular and irregular.

As a writer you will make some mistakes. It would be ideal if you can find something that can correct your mistakes, suggest some great words and check grammar. There are software available in market that can aid in your quest to improve your writing ability and help you in understanding and using English grammar.

Check out our article on speaking English fluently where we listed down many online resources for grammar checking.

Pro-tip: Remember the basics
To be proficient in your writing skills, it would be a good idea to go through the basic English grammar and punctuation rules from time to time, as even professionals tend to forget the principles as they move on to the harder grammatical rules.

3) Read A LOT!

Reading to Improve English Writing SkillsReading is also very helpful, because it is one of the best way to learn English vocabulary, expand your word list and discover unique writing styles that you can make use of. It is imperative that you read an English book that you will be hooked to, and you will thoroughly enjoy.

You will be learning, while also having fun and being genuinely interested. After finishing your reading session, take note the words that you are not familiar with, write up their definition and try your best to incorporate it in your writing.

4) Use the Dictionary Consistently

Try and go through the dictionary, try experimenting with new words and keep finding meanings. When you read good books, there will be a substantial increase in your vocabulary.

However, knowing words and using them appropriately are two different things. Experimenting with new words will help you bring appropriate words naturally into your writing. In addition, the online dictionary is also extremely useful to help you to improve your English speaking skill as they have audio sample for every word.

Pro-tip: When using the dictionary, examine closely the examples that are given on how the words are used in sentences. For a start, use these examples directly into your written English by substituting the nouns of the dictionary examples with the nouns that is relevant to your work.

For example, the dictorary shows the usage of the word “cognizant” in the sentence “government officials have to be cognizant in the political boundaries within which they can operate in“.

Assuming you are a manager in your department, you can change the sentence to “it is important that managers be cognizant in the human resource boundaries which they work in so that they can have an effective work relationship with their subordinates“.

5) Analyse

Analyze to Improve EnglishHave you come across a piece of writing that you really enjoyed, and thought that it was very well written?

If you have, you should closely analyse and annotate the text. Examine the different techniques that the writer makes use of, and reason why they are effective.

Try and incorporate these unique elements in your English writing to ensure that the reader is always engaged.

6) Read Classic English Materials

If you want to write well, you need to read classic English materials.

Magazines and newspapers are great, but these deliver only the news to you, literature is the best way to begin your introduction to good and engaging writing.

Some of the classic English books such as Jane Eyre, Robinson Crusoe and To Kill A Mockingbird written decades ago still retain their fame; it is simply because the writer could weave an enthralling tale in excellent language that kept the reader spell bound.

Reading good books with strong literature content can certainly improve your writing skills and introduce you to proper grammar and sentence formation.

7) One Place Only

It would be a wise choice to keep all of your pieces of writing in one place, preferably in a journal book or a word document in table format so that you can look back at progress you have made; it lets you see how you have developed your writing skillsets over time and is among the list of ways to learn English with ease

Bottom Line

Finally, you will undoubtedly see many positive changes in your writing by adopting these methods. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to achieve your goal of enhancing your English writing skills.

We hope you found this article both informative and interesting for you to refer and action upon to become an exceptional writer in the near future.