Most Effective (2017) Ways To Improve English Vocabulary Fast

(updated in 2017) While learning English as a non-native speaker, we usually meet the following questions – How to improve English vocabulary? How to learn more English vocabulary words in less time?

Usually everyone recommends to start reading books or watch movies in English with subtitles and translate everything word by word, but that is boring and not fast at all. So let EnglishFluento explain some effective ways of building the vocabulary fast and easily.

Use Games and Direct Education


Before the age of the internet, solving a crossword puzzle from a book or newspaper was one of the easiest way to increase your English vocabulary.

If you have never answered a crossword puzzle before, it is not too late to start now. Today, there are so many apps and games that you can download to learn new words, which are suitable for beginners or advanced learners.

All these apps and games come in different difficulty levels. If you are serious about improving your English vocabulary, download these games and play them every day. These apps also have recommendations how these new words will stick to your memory. Developers and education experts are always on top of new discoveries about learning and memory retention.

Today, technology always incorporate these learning theories to benefit the end-user, us, to make English learning fun and easy.

To compensate this, download a dictionary app equipped with thesaurus app find synonyms. There are also vocabulary builder app available.

Retell Everything In English

Retell your day in English is among the best way to learn English vocabulary. You can do this daily before going to sleep.

Try to not skip any detail, and leave yourself free. It is not necessary to have someone listening to you, maybe even retell it in front of the mirror, the most important part is to make your brain Think in essential English words.

Once you have this routine, your brain will try to find the necessary words and expressions to explain and manage everything you want to, which will improve your spoken English vocabulary and pronunciation.

If you feel that it is useless to remember everything you did, then plan your next day, or try to retell the story you just read on the internet, the most important part is to make yourself Talk in English. This barrier is one of the scariest for many beginners.

Your communication skills will also improve overtime as you are learning new words everyday.

Making Use Of Social Media and Gadgets Language Setting To Increase Vocabulary In English


This is relevant if your native language is Not English.

Many of us spend a lot of time on the internet, browsing, adding pictures, watching short videos and commenting different posts, usually not even realising how many activities we do on these platforms?

Consider changing the settings of your profiles, and make them Global, forget about using the internet in your native language – change it to English!

After few hours, you will see how easy it is to learn and how the new words are flowing into your brain without you noticing it, just because of associations!

Read, Watch and Use What You Learned To Build Your English Vocabulary List


Today, no one can use the lack of resources as an excuse for poor vocabulary. The Internet abounds with free materials—from eBooks to movies and educational materials—that one can read and watch without any direct cost. However, people do not apply what they have observed. As we all know, knowledge without practice is moot.

An easy way to improve your vocabulary is to identify useful words and phrases that you come across from your reading, words that you can use on a daily basis, and say it out loud by yourself. Understand what the word means and look for synonyms.

Write down the new words that you have learnt in a notebook, categorized by the first letter of the new word. Include the meaning of the word and also examples of phrases and English vocabulary sentences with the word in it to show how the word can be used.

Once done, find specific situations in your life, like times you are talking with friends, and use that particular word or phrase. Make it look like you are just sharing an experience and not trying to be cool or something.

Listen Audiobooks and Podcasts

Yes, using books to enhance your vocabulary terms, but adopt a slightly different approach.

Not everyone has enough time to read, but we are almost always listening to music, so why not changing a bit the daily routine? Instead of simply listening to your Spotify, change it to a podcast and listen to the presenters’ talking.

Still too boring? Find this one book everyone recommends you to read and listen to it. There are many talented voice over artists that have a talent to narrate books that can help you to expand your English vocabulary effectively.

Download audiobooks. Listen to them while driving, before sleeping, and repeat words that you find unusual. Look it up in your dictionary and Thesaurus.

Though, if you are a beginner into English, then choose some fairytales for a start to learn the simple vocabulary. They are easier to understand and the voice-over artist is usually much better.

Write in English To Remember The New Words

Most readers here would have a social media account. No? Create one.

To learn and improve your writing skills and daily English vocabulary, every day without fail, find something essential to say, in your language, and translate it to English. Before you do, look for words that you want to stress. Once found, use a thesaurus and determine if there are better words for it. For example, you want to say that the dress you bought yesterday is ugly. The emphasis here is on the word “ugly.”

But instead of using that, you will realize, by using a Thesaurus, which words you can use like, “horrible,” “unpleasant,” “unsightly,” and “unattractive.” Need something more that gets into the reader’s soul? Use words like “repulsive,” “dreadful,” and “revolting.”

You can use the same way to expand words with opposite meaning.

Using the example above will let you know how to learn synonyms and antonyms easily.

To increase your English vocabulary list, always write your tweets, photo captions, and status posts in English. Any joke, comment, and opinion, should be in English. Unsure what to write? Think in your language, then translate it on a notepad until you get the sentence right.

Always remember to use words in the proper context. You cannot use the word “sour” to describe a dress, even if it is a synonym for ugly. However, you can use the word “sour” to describe an ugly, uncomfortable conversation.

Learn Poems

Many people have been exposed to poetry since childhood, so why not learn poems by heart?

First of all, you can become the most romantic person in your company, and of course the most popular,

Secondly, learning poems by heart makes you remember easily some new words (and in poetry there are usually lot of specific terms and beautiful words) while also teaches you all the ways you can manipulate with words.

Applying What You Have Learnt – Speak or Write the English Language

With all the ways to listed above, even when done diligently every day, will never improve your vocabulary and fluency if not applied regularly, even if you have expanded your vocabulary word list.

The brain will only remember English vocabulary that you use every day. To ensure that you carve out new words you learned, you have to use them. You have to say them, and you have to hear yourself saying the phrase.

You can only do this by engaging in meaningful conversations and be more fluent in speaking. Talk to your boss or co-workers in English if they prefer English. If your company has an English-only policy, comply with it. In school, only recite in English.

Writing and speaking regularly will help to improve both the English grammar and vocabulary.

If you are an introvert and social skills is not your strong suit, write it down. Create a blog. Publish yourself. Hence, to learn how to enhance your English vocabulary means to keep on writing, keep on editing, and keep on improving.

Start Your Journey To Improve Your Vocabulary Today

best-way-to-learn-english-vocabulary-by-writing-in-englishIn conclusion, the most important thing to do while learning English quickly, is to try, and not be afraid of failures. Even if you fail, it’s good. Failures make you learn and memorize better.

The world cannot hold you guilty of neglecting your tongue for learning English. After all, the world’s international language is English. In many countries, students study and use English for at least 15 years.

Most books are in English texts, except books related to the country’s history and culture. And yet it is surprising to note that not all of these students have the same level of fluency and vocabulary.

With this in mind, we hope that our English vocabulary tips listed above can help you learn new words quickly.

And trust us, better failing a bit, than not trying at all!