10 Actionable Ways (2017) On How to Improve English Speaking

How To Improve English SpeakingLearning on how to improve English speaking is not a simple job; it necessitates a lot of hard work, practice and perseverance to master.

This is especially true if English is your second language, you will certainly acknowledge that mastering the phonological rules of this popular language isn’t your cup of coffee.

Amongst many other things, the sound rules in your native language differ a great deal with those used in the English language. This is not to mention challenges that come with learning English elements such as idioms, intonations, and word stress to mention but a few.

But with English growing ever popular as a means of communication in the ‘Global village’ that the world has become, having a mastery of the language has become more of a necessity than an secondary need.

Here at EnglishFluento, we have come out with actionable recommendations that you can try out right now to enhance your spoken English.

1) Read Widely

Reading voraciously affords you the luxury of bisecting paragraphs into individual sentences and ultimately discerning the elements that make particular paragraphs so wonderful.

In essence, reading widely exposes you to different styles and language phonetics that ultimately helps you speak more fluently, write better and grow your self-esteem.

2) Write More Often

Writing profusely is the best way to get yourself around grammar and ultimately become a better speaker. The fact that writing that writing is an integral part of learning the English language means that getting it right will act as a major boost in your quest to become a self-assured English speaker.

Strive to create blog post and articles on daily basis and incorporate new phrases in your writing. The more you write, the better you will enhance your writing skills, more you will understand sentence structures, common phrases and important elements of the language. In a nutshell, writing broadens your mind and makes you better at the language.

3 ) Make the English Dictionary Your Friend

A dictionary is an essential tool for any learners who wants improve their English speaking skills. It does not only help you look up the meaning and spelling of seemingly confusing words but it also affords you the luxury of learning pronunciation of different English words and phrases.

There are hundreds of English online dictionaries on the internet, which have audio samples of every word. Therefore, if you are ever confused on how to pronounce a specific word, just simply head over to an online dictionary and check the pronunciation.

In fact, you can even download a dictionary app to your smartphone, so you can the pronunciation of different words in the palm of your hands, anywhere and everywhere. The dictionary is certainly an effective way to learn English easily.

4) Read Out Loud

Reading can be very fun, whether it is a magazine, newspaper or book. Reading out loud is a prodigious way to improve your pronunciation, as your main focus is the way you articulate each word; there is no need to worry about any grammar, spelling or sentence structures.

Just simply pick a book or a magazine that you are interested in up, and read! Eventually, your pronunciation will gradually improve.

5) Record Your Voice

Recording your voice can be very helpful, as it allows you to listen back to what you said and pick out the mistakes that you made, and use them as a lesson, to ensure that you do not make that error again.

All smartphones have voice recorders which are easy to use, and which have excellent quality to help you improve English communication.

6) Watch English Movies and TV Shows

Both Britain and America are recognised for the wide variety of excellent TV shows and movies they produce. A method that many people find useful when trying to improve their English speaking skill is watching movies and TV shows.

Just simply grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch a movie or show that, whilst paying very close attention to the way the actors pronounce the words and understanding the context of each word.

Make sure that it is a genre you are very interested in, so you can actually enjoy the film. Who says you cannot have fun while learning?

7) Practice Makes Perfect

A saying that is very relevant to learning to speak English, or any language, is:

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

It is important to grab every single opportunity you can and speak English with both poise and composure. You should not be scared of making any slipups, as you can learn from those mistakes.

Also, practising a lot will enable you to refine your articulation and will certainly boost your confidence level. Therefore, you should make it a goal to try and practice every single day. Repeated practice is also a recommended method to improve your English grammar. Check here for the article. 

8) Make New Friends

It is very important that you become good friends with people who are a native of English and who are both patient and helpful.

Have regular conversations with them; this will help improve your confidence and will give you a lot of practice. It will also help you discover and increase English vocabulary and will aid you in understanding the pronunciations of them.

9) Visit an English Speaking Country

There is no denying that English tutoring classes will do a world of good to your speaking but it won’t teach you to talk naturally. That is why you should strive to visit an English speaking country. The fact that natives use English in their everyday conversations will help you adjust to English accent with ease.

More so, you will have a chance to exercise on pronunciation and even seek correction where you may be erring. More so, natives are not affected by local dialect and this will help you minimize the effect of your own dialect in your spoken English.

10) Install English Learning Apps On Your Smartphone

As is in many other fields, technology has made learning English a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.

There are, for instance, hundreds of free applications that you can install on your smartphone and learn English phonetics on the go. You can even construct sentences while playing your favorite word games.

Bottom Line

Whether it is in business transactions, consultancy or any other form of persuasive communication, improving your command of English is paramount to driving your point home.

As you endeavor to improve your spoken English, embrace the tips above and employ them in your everyday endeavors.