Most Effective (2017) Ways To Improve English Grammar

how-to-improve-english-grammar(updated in 2017) Are you currently trying to improve English grammar?

If so, it can be intimidating at first to fully understand what to do or where to start. In today’s world, there are numerous options available to us to obtain the education we need to become successful. This is by no means limited to learning English grammar.

You may be an adult who is looking to move to an English speaking country, or if you’re someone who just needs some improvement, you can find the help you need in many different ways.

In this article by, we are going to discuss different ways that you can study English grammar that will give you the confidence you need to master the English language.

There are 2 parts to this grammar guide:

Part 1 – Effective Methods That You Can Use Today To Learn and Improve Your Grammar

Part 2 – Useful Channels Where You Can Understand And Learn To Use English Grammar

Part 1 – Effective Methods To Improve English Grammar Easily

1) Method “Pimsler”

The method of Doctor Pimsler is one of the easiest ones and fastest way in understanding and using English grammar. It is essential for those who have a great auditory memory.

The basic of this method is auditions. Therefore, you have to listen to a certain rule and related examples at least for 30 minutes a day, and then repeat them to yourself, after few days, start reproducing (or saying) the examples along with the voice-over artist.

In case you cannot find suitable examples, you can make your own voice-over by recording yourself reading the examples from your grammar book.

We have listed several channels where you can understand and improve English Grammar in Part II of our article below.

2) The Method Of Multiple, Independent Processing Skill

improve-grammar-by-multiple-independent-processingThe secret of this method is that once you learned any rule, you have to do a lot of exercises to be familiar with the rules of grammar. You probably think that this is not required as you already understand the theory.

The fact is that learning the basics of English grammar is consolidated after sufficient practice, which is not always enough based on the exercises that are given in textbooks.

To consolidate the learned rule, using ready examples from textbooks cannot be compared with the effect of examples invented by yourself.

This is especially true for beginners of English grammar, you need to come up with as much examples as possible that are created by yourself.

Coming out with examples yourself has advantages as you get to know the rules at a personal level. Ensure that you do not torture yourself and invent some complicated examples – they should be simple and, moreover, you can come up with proposals which will differ from the proposals in the book in a few words.

It is important that your grammar guide have many examples. Do write phrases and say aloud what is written, then it will be activated to the auditory, motor and visual memory. This method is also recommended if you want to improve your English speaking skills.

3) Method “From The Example To The Rule”

Among the best way to understand the use of English grammar is to actively look out for examples that illustrate the rule, and the theory will become well remembered.

Here are some examples of education issues in those times: Simple Past, Present and Future:
i) He gave away his old clothes to charity in the past.
ii) He always gives away his old clothes to charity.
iii) Will he give away his old clothes to charity next week?

These three lines of grammar rules allow you to remember the order of words, their meaning and the form of the auxiliary verbs in the formation of the past tense; an example of this time to remind that the auxiliary verb in this time has two forms; in the third case, you will always remember that the verb “to be” will be in the future tense.

learn-english-grammar-using-song4) Verse Or Song Method

This method lets you study English grammar in a more interesting way. To remember the rules, you can consider involving both lyrics and poems in English.

You can both find ready made songs that make remembering a certain rule much simpler, or invent your own based on your observations and notes.

Part 2 – Useful Channels Where You Can Understand And Learn To Use English Grammar

1) Using the Internet

using-internet-to-learn-english-grammarIn today’s world, quite often the first place that people turn to for answers to their problem is the internet. We have more access to educational content than we ever have before that lets you learn English grammar online.

For example, you can search the basics or advanced materials and videos on If you do this, you will find numerous videos of individuals who act as instructors looking to teach this topic to others and improve their lives. This is also an excellent option as it is free for anyone to watch.

Another option could be using grammar websites or paid courses. If you do a search on for “How to improve English grammar” you will find a variety of resources that have information on how improve your skills. Many of the free websites offer practice writing scenarios and sentence structure using proper English grammar. Review some of these websites to see if the methods and website content in aligned with how you learn best.

Finally, you could purchase paid courses on this topic on websites like These are video courses that have instructors who guide you through different lessons on how to get help with grammar. These courses are usually high quality and if you are willing to invest in it may be your best method. These courses also cover other related skills like teaching you the easy ways to learn English vocabulary which help you to be more competent overall in this language.

2) Adult Education Courses at Community College or Local University 

If you are the type of person who prefers to learn in a classroom setting, why not check out your local university or college on courses that are designed for adults on how to improve English grammar?

In the past several years, there has been a big push for community colleges and universities to design courses that are specific to adults who need to learn new skills, but do not have the time nor the need to invest in a full degree.

Adult education courses would be a perfect easy way to learn English grammar because you can learn in a classroom setting with a real instructor. The instructor will walk through sentence structure and proper grammar rules with a lesson plan. A lesson plan is great for individuals who learn best by following a course plan that builds upon knowledge learned in the previous week.

You can also find speech courses where you can learn to speak English fluently with the correct grammar.

It also provides you with a grammar guide on what to exactly do to improve each week. For several individuals, an adult education course on English grammar may be the best fit and is also the best place to improve English writing skills.

3) Tutoring

Some beginners need extra and more direct guidance when learning or mastering a new topic. For these beginners, a tutor is probably the best fit. Whether you are an adult or youth, hiring an experienced tutor is one of the best way to learn English easily and fast. A tutor will work with you one on one to develop your English grammar skills step by step.

Also, after each lesson, they will give you homework assignments that will allow you to refine your skills each week, and reinforce the concepts learned in your tutoring session. This is an excellent way to get the help you need and hold yourself accountable to making progress on learning this skill each week.

4) Self-Taught

learning-english-grammar-booksFinally, one method to learn proper English grammar would be to simply teach yourself using books with practice materials. If you search online on a website such as for books on how to learn English grammar, you will find several books on this subject matter.

These books also have practice questions that you can do to master grammar as you progress through the book. One of the best things about this method is that the book follows a structured plan that builds upon the previous chapter. This way, you will have confidence knowing that you are following a good plan to improve your English grammar.

Use the methods that we have explained in Part 1 to help you reinforce the rules and be familiar with the proper usage of the English rules.

Bottom Line

We all know how boring and hard it is to learn the grammar when learning a language, especially when learning English grammar in use, so here we compiled the most efficient and simple ways of improving this skill, and be good in it if you do not know where to start.